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North Easton is not a household name. He hasn't won countless awards or invented a better lightbulb. He hasn't discovered a cure for a rare disease or raised millions of dollars for charity. North Easton is a songwriter, a storyteller, an artist who believes that passion and love for what you do is the most important gift anyone can give themselves.

Week #23 – Summer Lovin

Summer has officially begun for me and my family and this is the first song recorded on our trip across Canada. With the help of my children, Pascale, Jazz, Axelle, Emika, Emeric, and friends (Talia is the Hoolahooper) and family (Justice), I was able to complete this video just under the wire. Extra special thanks to Vivianne and Al for having us out to Round Lake where some of these shots were taken.

We are currently driving to Thunder Bay while uploading this video. Gotta love technology 🙂
For all you summer lovers out there, take the time to do something fun, basque in the sun, swim in the sea, walk through the trees…

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Week # 22 – Listen To The Rain

Spending the week away from the house in the trees, near the water, where silence takes you over and spreads like wildfire in your heart. Pine Cliffs Resort lay home to this seven day song inspiration, where we met new friends, shared in new experiences and were able to keep in touch with our own inner calm. In less than a week, I will embark on a journey across this beautiful country with my family. A voyage that will bring with it many new experiences, stories to add to the book, and no doubt, inspirations that I will share with you here as I continue my Seven Day Songs Quest.

Thank you for listening.

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Week # 21 – Stand Up

Photography and additional video footage by Martin Archambault


Thank you Louise Martin for bringing this to my and many others attention.

Protecting our back yards, nature, and the balance of what we find dear to our hearts was this weeks inspiration for Seven Day Song (Stand Up). If you are a resident of Alfred/Plantagenet, I urge you to make a difference and sign the petition. If you are not a resident…spread the word and make others aware. Stay on top of the developments that may affect your community.

Thanks for listening.


You can walk around the broken ground pretending
You can sit there in the shadows all alone
hope and dream and wish for happy endings
Pray that things will fix themselves on their very own

You can read about the world from in your basement
You can watch it all go by on your TV screen
Close your eyes and picture others face it
Try to hide the taste of every little thing you’ve seen.

It just aint enough, No no
You gotta remember
It just aint enough, Oh
It just aint enough, No no
You gotta remember

Stand up and let em hear you call out
Stand up and let em take it all in
Stand up and let em have a good look
As you take your right foot to the ground and stomp again
Stand up and let em hear you call out
Stand up and let em take it all in
And in all the years that pass us by
It is never too late to be what you might have been.

You can think about the ones you take for granted
You can worry bout the things you never done
Waste all your tomorrows missing chances
Caught up in the planning, never in the fun

YOu can wait a little longer just to find out
You can turn away and never live your heart

Focus on the fire, as you walk along that wire
Thinking of the things you never start

Stand up and let em hear you call out
Stand up and let em take it all in
Stand up and let em have a good look
As you take your right foot to the ground and stomp again
Stand up and let em hear you call out
Stand up and let em take it all in
Stand up and go and take a little risk
Raise up your fist and fight for everything

Week # 20 – It’s Gonna Take

Every relationship on this planet has an intricate wiring, a roller coaster ride that is thrilling, exciting, scary, hard to handle…but with the ups and downs the laughs and cries, we find ourselves…the honesty, the truth…the moments we get to share that others don’t ever get to see.

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Week #19 – Life

Each week I find myself staying up through the night finalizing these songs, and every new one takes me somewhere else in my brain and in my heart.

This song is inspired by the everyday things we learn along the journey of our lives from baby to grandparent.

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Cheers North

you breathe you cry your cold your scared
you look, you learn you touch you stare
you smile, you laugh you lay
and there you struggle with the open air

you turn, you crawl;you fight to stand
you step you fall;you change your plan
you try again you try again you try again
and when you can

you run, you jump, you play the game
you learn, you grow, you change again

Life…has a crazy way, of taking days
and burning them
Life…has a crazy way…of taking days
and turning them
and life is all you’ll ever know
so breathe it in and take it slow inside

you meet you kiss; you touch, you hug
you take a risk ;you fall in love
you talk you play;you face the face
you take a vow;you make your way

you push you pull you take a leap
you break your back you fight to keep

you think, you know;you speak your mind
you chase the clock ;you fall behind
you wait for what, you wait for what
you stand there and you count the lines

on your skin, the truth sets in
you close your eyes, you fight again

Week # 18 – Falling Awake

We have all been in that moment where the endless road before us stretches out and starts its hypnotic grip on our eyelids. Cars are few and far between and our minds start drifting into thought, our body is relaxed, and the inevitable head nod begins.

It’s time to pull over.

Here are some quick ideas to keep you up when driving long distances.

1. Bring along an audio story
2. Chew Gum
3. Put your hand out the window (especially if the air is cold)
4. Crank up tunes you don’t like
5. Sit forward (compressing your lungs limits the euphoric sleep induced coma from too much oxygen in a relaxed state.
6. Change your seats position…then change it again when you get comfortable.
7. Some good things to chew on (sunflower seeds, ice chips,)
8. Coffee (of course caffeine doesnt work the same on everyone)
9. take a 15-30 min nap on the side of the road then start up again
10. play word games (even by yourself)
11. Slap yourself in the face (seriously..when it gets to this point…pull over)

Be as safe as you can behind the wheel for the sake of everyone on the road.

Shook his head a million times,
as he fought to stay between the faded lines,
His eyes kept on drifting, hard to keep liftin up

fingers on the radio, another coffee cup, a hundred miles to go,
his mind kept on sifting through the list of things keepin him up

Roll the window down, have a look around, turn the light on and breathe
another stick of gum, and you bite your tongue just to stop you from

CHORUS: SLEEPING…falling awake, while you
Reason…cant waste the day, so you Breathe In…
You fight till you break…, your tired and slipping, your falling awake

Sit and count the traffic signs, with your clouded eyes, as you talk to your self,
hard to break the hypnotizing, countryside,

Your head is heavy and it’s hard to keep it steady
when its so far past twelve
just a little bit further and you’ll make it alive

Roll the window down, have a look around, turn the light on and breathe
another stick of gum, and you bite your tongue just to stop you from

You slap your face, you change your pace,
you try and keep the faith, you fight to stay on the road

You set your mind, on auto drive, and let the passing lights,
come and lead you back home

And every single passing car, is like your beating heart
and then your left there alone.

Week #17 – Silent Charade

In the moments of silent thought, reflection on those who have left us behind takes me into places where water and fire, earth and air all meet. I am taken by moments that cannot be retrieved, haunted by memories that will not leave…and in those seconds where fear and pain rise up to fight back…it is writing that quells this swelling.

Thank you for listening.


Verse: Bury me down, down by the water
Deep in the ground, dress me up properly
Gather around, and drown in the silent charade

Flickering flashbacks, cut through the quiet
listen to the soundtrack, and trespass through my life
carry me down, down to the water tonight

Hear me im falling asleep
for the last time i’ll keep what I know
And it ‘ll go down with me

Set me on fire, down by the water side
paying a price with a copper coin ferry ride
watch from the banks as the waves
come and take what they like…

Bridge: out of breath, slip away,
cigarette, that you crave
stack the deck but your days they are runnin out
raise a glass, take a drink
have your last one and you think
that your living the life but your grasping at strings
when they break, and you fall,
there’s a way out but its always a little bit harder to see
when your stuck on the inside,