Week #19 – Life

Each week I find myself staying up through the night finalizing these songs, and every new one takes me somewhere else in my brain and in my heart.

This song is inspired by the everyday things we learn along the journey of our lives from baby to grandparent.

I hope you guys enjoy…and please subscribe, leave a comment, and like.

Cheers North

you breathe you cry your cold your scared
you look, you learn you touch you stare
you smile, you laugh you lay
and there you struggle with the open air

you turn, you crawl;you fight to stand
you step you fall;you change your plan
you try again you try again you try again
and when you can

you run, you jump, you play the game
you learn, you grow, you change again

Life…has a crazy way, of taking days
and burning them
Life…has a crazy way…of taking days
and turning them
and life is all you’ll ever know
so breathe it in and take it slow inside

you meet you kiss; you touch, you hug
you take a risk ;you fall in love
you talk you play;you face the face
you take a vow;you make your way

you push you pull you take a leap
you break your back you fight to keep

you think, you know;you speak your mind
you chase the clock ;you fall behind
you wait for what, you wait for what
you stand there and you count the lines

on your skin, the truth sets in
you close your eyes, you fight again


About sevendaysongs

North Easton is not a household name. He hasn't won countless awards or invented a better lightbulb. He hasn't discovered a cure for a rare disease or raised millions of dollars for charity. North Easton is a songwriter, a storyteller, an artist who believes that passion and love for what you do is the most important gift anyone can give themselves. View all posts by sevendaysongs

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