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Week # 18 – Falling Awake

We have all been in that moment where the endless road before us stretches out and starts its hypnotic grip on our eyelids. Cars are few and far between and our minds start drifting into thought, our body is relaxed, and the inevitable head nod begins.

It’s time to pull over.

Here are some quick ideas to keep you up when driving long distances.

1. Bring along an audio story
2. Chew Gum
3. Put your hand out the window (especially if the air is cold)
4. Crank up tunes you don’t like
5. Sit forward (compressing your lungs limits the euphoric sleep induced coma from too much oxygen in a relaxed state.
6. Change your seats position…then change it again when you get comfortable.
7. Some good things to chew on (sunflower seeds, ice chips,)
8. Coffee (of course caffeine doesnt work the same on everyone)
9. take a 15-30 min nap on the side of the road then start up again
10. play word games (even by yourself)
11. Slap yourself in the face (seriously..when it gets to this point…pull over)

Be as safe as you can behind the wheel for the sake of everyone on the road.

Shook his head a million times,
as he fought to stay between the faded lines,
His eyes kept on drifting, hard to keep liftin up

fingers on the radio, another coffee cup, a hundred miles to go,
his mind kept on sifting through the list of things keepin him up

Roll the window down, have a look around, turn the light on and breathe
another stick of gum, and you bite your tongue just to stop you from

CHORUS: SLEEPING…falling awake, while you
Reason…cant waste the day, so you Breathe In…
You fight till you break…, your tired and slipping, your falling awake

Sit and count the traffic signs, with your clouded eyes, as you talk to your self,
hard to break the hypnotizing, countryside,

Your head is heavy and it’s hard to keep it steady
when its so far past twelve
just a little bit further and you’ll make it alive

Roll the window down, have a look around, turn the light on and breathe
another stick of gum, and you bite your tongue just to stop you from

You slap your face, you change your pace,
you try and keep the faith, you fight to stay on the road

You set your mind, on auto drive, and let the passing lights,
come and lead you back home

And every single passing car, is like your beating heart
and then your left there alone.


Week #17 – Silent Charade

In the moments of silent thought, reflection on those who have left us behind takes me into places where water and fire, earth and air all meet. I am taken by moments that cannot be retrieved, haunted by memories that will not leave…and in those seconds where fear and pain rise up to fight back…it is writing that quells this swelling.

Thank you for listening.


Verse: Bury me down, down by the water
Deep in the ground, dress me up properly
Gather around, and drown in the silent charade

Flickering flashbacks, cut through the quiet
listen to the soundtrack, and trespass through my life
carry me down, down to the water tonight

Hear me im falling asleep
for the last time i’ll keep what I know
And it ‘ll go down with me

Set me on fire, down by the water side
paying a price with a copper coin ferry ride
watch from the banks as the waves
come and take what they like…

Bridge: out of breath, slip away,
cigarette, that you crave
stack the deck but your days they are runnin out
raise a glass, take a drink
have your last one and you think
that your living the life but your grasping at strings
when they break, and you fall,
there’s a way out but its always a little bit harder to see
when your stuck on the inside,

Week # 16 – Like My Father Did

On the eve of a trip with my son, I press the clock and stare into the screen daring to capture the feeling that fills my heart when I think of my own father and the love and laughter he shared with me.

It is in the tiny details of what dad’s do, that magical moments are born and hard wired into our memories and value system. A thrown ball, a knowing look, a shoulder to lean on, a source of experience and knowledge that we build our own foundations.

If you are a father…look into the eyes of your children and see your own innocence, your truth. Sing and dance with your kids…climb a tree, ride a bike, play a game of tag…and if you are the son or daughter of a man…see the strength, the love, the loyalty, the trust and dedication put forth in the years where your heart and eyes needed it the most. Embrace the quiet moments with your father…smile at other fathers…know that each one has sacrificed something to make your life better.

Thank you for listening…and please SHARE this video with fathers, children, mothers and friends.


Catch me in the kitchen with a cup on the counter
quietly i listen to the kids and the sound of what they think
and if i blink…i miss 
a million things they 
wish the world was bigger and the picture it was clearer 
every little whisper well its kinda like a mirror and a list…of everything I did

try to hold on to the years that have gone
following through there eyes
watching every minute as they race right through it
cant believe im looking at em

living out their lives riding on their train
im sitting on the side lines cheering in the rain
everytime they fall, everytime they break
I’ll catch them and I’ll always find a way to fix the day 
cause it all comes down to everything you give
i’m gonna do it…just like my father did

meet me in the middle of the morning light
Laugh with me a little, on a long long ride
Ask me anything that you wanna know wanna learn
wanna try out, wanna have another turn
tell me what you wanna be
Cause everything i got im gonna let you see
everytime we talk, anything you need
is never gonna stop you, no…as long as i breathe

standing in the shadows, counting every candle looking at the years go by
watching every minute as they race right through it as their 

Call me in the middle of the night
fall back or lean my way
let it out or sit there quiet
crash into a warm embrace
when its hard…to take…
pour your heart into my hands and wait..

Listen to the wind walkin to the room
More than just a friend telling you the truth
everywhere i been, everything i’ve seen
everytime i fell and everything between
I’ll try to pass on what the years have taught
look a little bit through the eyes i got
watching every minute as they race right through it 
dont you wanna give it all.

Live out your life..

Week # 15 – Unstoppable

Not a day goes by where this beautiful woman doesn’t inspire me, motivate me, make me smile. Written the week of her graduation ceremony from Law School. Way to go my love!


Outside, the black tie, the red dress the sunlight
She’s unstoppable, the carnival is starting up inside
and like a child she’s a tight ropewalkin mystery and I think
I thought I saw her see me try to catch her eye (smile)

Blue Jeans, a movie screen, and we are caught up in 
a caffeine conversation, every station plays the same 15 songs
And how long does it take to make the moment last,
well it’s too damn fast, and when you look up well its gone

You can spend half your life
Looking for reasons why
Never break even 
never really see between the faded lines
You can spend half your time
Lovin what you got inside
Take a breath, and let the rest of this all go by

and she’s suddenly one of the only other ones having fun
Making waves in the rain or the setting sun
Looking life in the face 
and the race isnt over
No its just begun
and she’s suddenly one of the only other ones having fun
Wide awake on the edge of the crack of dawn
She got a long list of going on

Late night, work hard, take home my heart
She’s unstoppable, and watchable, my favourite work of art
And like a clock, she spins around, and paints the sky above the ground
And I try to breathe, cause it’s hard for me to wait till she comes down

inside, the circle, find out, her goal
She’s unstoppable, and all the world waiting just outside
Like a child, with a smile, she radiates a while
and she takes another step my way

Week # 14 – The Little Bits

Each week that passes I search my mind for a topic an idea that grabs hold and pulls me into a journey that I can share here on YouTube. This weeks plunge found me thinking about those who have climbed above and beyond despite the adversities that stand in their way. It’s in the little bits that we rise above the daily grind and find ourselves grabbing hold of who we are. The ying and yang that makes us, shapes us, takes us on the path we travel.


I need a little bit of light to lift that dark
I need a little bit of love to lift my heart
A little bit of stop so I can start it thumping
i need a little bit of luck to make that wish
I need a little bit of guts to take that risk
I need a little bit of touch to shake that itch or something

Forgive forget for go the rest For what for this for happiness
For most of this is on the list Deep inside your head
Forgive forget for go the rest For some the fall is fortunate
Everything I want i’m gonna get all I need is allot more of the little bits

I need a little more time to get things done
I need a little more work to have my fun
I need a little more motivation, inspiration, concentration
when I think about living the life, 
I start wishing that I could be this, or i could be that
I could be sitting, staring, wishing, waiting for the world that I been missing

Some give out, Some give in
Some end up in a pile of might have beens
Some lay down and pray that they will 
wake up to a change

Some call it off, and some back away
Some of them cash out, pack up and detonate
Its gonna take a bit longer if you wait.

I need a little bit of fear to get this started
A little bit of looking at why its hard 
I need a little bit of push, little bit of faith
little bit of truth, little bitter taste 
Little bit of pain, to make me feel
I need a little bit dream to face the real
I need a little bit of thinking, that life is for the taking
that life is for the taking all i gotta do is.