Week #10 Starting Today


Inspired by the smiles on my children’s faces, the infinite questions of curiosity, the often random thoughts that truly define who each of them are. Everyday we have the opportunity to start life new. 


i gotta book in box on a shelf
with pictures and promises made to myself, 
a letter I wrote and i read every night when my head is spinning, just like a carousel.
tick tock goes the clock on the wall,
I get lost in the thought of it all
and i’m holding on to what is gone now 

Caught in the trenches, 
and the white broken picket fences

Starting Today I will make it
I’ll fight and I’ll chase it
I’ll push and I’ll do what it takes
Starting today I will face it
not gonna waste it, Not gonna stop cause 
I’m starting today

I keep looking back at the tire tracks
the trouble and setbacks, 
the mirror is clearer as time disappears every day,
I skip to the final page.
the sun it comes up, and the sun goes down, 
it’s harder to swim when the tide goes out.
And i’m laying awake, and I’m drowning in thoughts of my monologue

Caught in the trenches, 
and the white broken picket fences

Light a fire, higher than everything
take a risk, take a chance, take another big
Leap of faith, and breakaway take the light and let it in

Starting today I will make it
Starting today I will face it
Not gonna break and i’ll never stop…

Starting Today i will make it..


About sevendaysongs

North Easton is not a household name. He hasn't won countless awards or invented a better lightbulb. He hasn't discovered a cure for a rare disease or raised millions of dollars for charity. North Easton is a songwriter, a storyteller, an artist who believes that passion and love for what you do is the most important gift anyone can give themselves. View all posts by sevendaysongs

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