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Week #13 “Thirteen (lucky day)”

I believe in WILL. I believe in Dedication, Desire, Passion, Creativity. I believe in the human spirit and the limitless potential of those who dare to dream. I believe in believing for the greatest mysteries of life are truly still unsolved and if not for belief than man would achieve very little. Believe in solutions, in a cure, in a new record, in a bucket list moment that touches every part of the heart. Believe in family, and friends and believe in those who struggle to reach places they have never been. And with those thoughts in mind this week, I sat down at the 1/4 mark…the 13th week of my challenge and questioned myself on Luck. Do I believe in Luck? Is good luck merely hard work prevailing? Is bad luck a path we choose subconsciously?

The number 13 has never really affected me in my life until this week. As I stop and stare at the number itself, there is nothing different than any other 2 digit number. My research brought me to some interesting references to it throughout history and why it has been plagued as a negative number. Maybe because we measure things in 12…a dozen…the months of the year…we only memorize up to our 12 times tables…13 is the turning point for kids into their teenage years, adolescents, puberty…

13 is a huge number, important and in my opinion…not to be feared. (Triskaidekaphobia)
And this week my inspiration and the title of my 13 song.

I hope you enjoy listening…and watching the lucky people who have survived the video that goes with this weeks song.

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Here are the LYRICS.

Mirror shakes, tumbles and shatters
into a thousand pieces under the ladder
and through the smoke and fire
they choke and lie there and wait to save the day

Its a car crash, news flash hypocricy
mind blast, pitch black catastrophe
flash back to find out the facts
in the case of twisted fate

Face Down, outside
Splashes of red on the black and white
caught up in between

Thirteen…thirteen reasons to find me.
Thirteen reasons to find me
Find me another…way…out
Its your lucky day

Step on the crack it crumbles and breaks the back
and tunnels its way right into the Glass shadows the cries
the sacrifice, the satellites paralyzed by the darkened

Wasted lives and long goodbyes turn in your head, your eyes they fix
and focus on the television, contradiction,
brace yourself for this collision, find me on the ground


Week #12 Can’t Turn Back

ON May 10th, my son Tyler graduated from his basic training in the military. I went down to his ceremony in St.Jean and was extremely proud to watch him become the man he has become. Great things await him along his journey. So many memories, flashbacks to things we did when he was young…and as he embarks on these new roads…i stand back and watch him thrive in his own environment. Taking the world the way he wants to. My pride for him is never-ending. Way to go Tyler.

Take a ball a bat and a baseball glove
a car ride a chat and fathers love
put em in a box in the corner of a crowded basement

Every picture taken, celebrations, conversation about the road ahead and you drown in thoughts of the seconds lost or wasted

And when I watch you leave I get Stuck inside the moments that
All your life I never let get too complicated

And when I watch you stand alone Taking steps out on your own
something hits me hard Like a shotgun to the heart
Standing in the dark again Watching from afar and then..

I start to realize in my head,Life is short
cant turn back Can’t turn back and change the way 
you live your life or face the day

And a hand on the back of a bike that he bought
And he’s running along till he’s steady enough
and he gives him a shove and sends him right off to face it

And if he falls, crashes to the ground or calls out for me 
Races up and down or passes by me follows me around or 
pedals away and when I watch…

Caught up in the tail wind, your gonna make it
Your gonna face everything you see
Get lost in the places, get out and chase everything
that you know you need

Week #11 Red Light

Sometimes we get stuck still in the simple things that just need a little light to go on in your head…to change…push us in a new direction.


my fingers race around the radio
looking for, 

i sit and fidget with the radio

my fingers fidget with the radio,
I’m looking for…another slow song
to make this long go by

Im kinda caught up in a crowd of cars
every thought a question mark
Every time I try to start moving I

I stare into the rear view
Looking for a clear view
every thing I Fear is crashing inside

i’m choking, my drive is broken


Stuck in the middle, roll down the window
I try to stay calm…try to stay civil
but the heat from the street well it crushes me
well in between the lines of right and wrong
Can I move, Can I choose to break away
Can I take another road home today

I’m going…too damn slow…

Bridge Breakdown:

stop closing your eyes
Get out and walk until you find
a reason to free your mind..


Week #10 Starting Today


Inspired by the smiles on my children’s faces, the infinite questions of curiosity, the often random thoughts that truly define who each of them are. Everyday we have the opportunity to start life new. 


i gotta book in box on a shelf
with pictures and promises made to myself, 
a letter I wrote and i read every night when my head is spinning, just like a carousel.
tick tock goes the clock on the wall,
I get lost in the thought of it all
and i’m holding on to what is gone now 

Caught in the trenches, 
and the white broken picket fences

Starting Today I will make it
I’ll fight and I’ll chase it
I’ll push and I’ll do what it takes
Starting today I will face it
not gonna waste it, Not gonna stop cause 
I’m starting today

I keep looking back at the tire tracks
the trouble and setbacks, 
the mirror is clearer as time disappears every day,
I skip to the final page.
the sun it comes up, and the sun goes down, 
it’s harder to swim when the tide goes out.
And i’m laying awake, and I’m drowning in thoughts of my monologue

Caught in the trenches, 
and the white broken picket fences

Light a fire, higher than everything
take a risk, take a chance, take another big
Leap of faith, and breakaway take the light and let it in

Starting today I will make it
Starting today I will face it
Not gonna break and i’ll never stop…

Starting Today i will make it..