Week #7 The Night Is Young


I spent this last weekend in a little town about 8 hours from Rockland Ontario. “New York”. I travelled down there to meet industry icon/legend Seymour Stein (vice president of Warner Records). Sitting in his office with him was an eye opening experience and about as high as you can go in the music industry. For those of you who have no idea who this guy is…Well…he discovered Madonna…signed the Ramones…The Talking Heads…and many more…but wait…this is not what this song is about.

The night before me and Rach spent our night walking the streets of New York with our great friends Regan and Louise Martin. And as I stared at the lights, the yellow cabs, the buildings that stretched up into the sky…I had a thought about the night never ending. Letting go of inhibitions as we walked through times square…staying and acting young. A fitting title for a song if I do say so myself.

Thank you for listening…please comment…like if ya can…but most importantly…share this with those who may enjoy it as well.

all the best



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North Easton is not a household name. He hasn't won countless awards or invented a better lightbulb. He hasn't discovered a cure for a rare disease or raised millions of dollars for charity. North Easton is a songwriter, a storyteller, an artist who believes that passion and love for what you do is the most important gift anyone can give themselves. View all posts by sevendaysongs

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