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Week #9 Love To Lose

Life is a poker game. We take chances, bet it all, climb in too deep, look for the big pay day, bluff our way through things we hope none will see, and even keep quiet about some of the great things waiting for the moment to strike. 

I am not an avid poker player…in fact in my life I have played the game less than 10 times…but in my exploration into the minds of those who have made it to the world series, or the great stake tables of smoky rooms…i applaud the skill it takes and the many vast player types who seem to climb to the top. It takes serious balls to bet everything you have on a pair of sevens when their is an ace in the flop…but game after game, tides are turned by just such a thing.

I spent a great deal of time composing the lyrics to this one. Have a look at the references and homage to a game that has changed the lives of so many people.

LOVE TO LOSE (lyrics)

The action on the table is tough
sitting with a king a queen and I’m waiting on the flop
Fingers all pointed at the fish…me
Pulling bad cards, running out of chips
And my eyes keep drifting to the cage, 
Working out a way…fast, 
to get a little back
Take a breath and I let it out 
Pour a drink and I shoot it down

Chorus: Love To lose….Take me to the bank, throw me in the river
Love to lose…Holding on to One of a kind
Love to lose…Going all in and Try to pull the trigger
And the bigger the pot, the quicker I got, To shoot for the top but right here right now I love to lose.

10 a 7 and a jack come up just like that im back in the game of luck
looking for a straight flush, keep a straight face hush,
Sit still and I feel the adrenaline rush 
I wait, until i get the turn, 
everybody checks, while the dealer throws the burn card down
Up comes a five, I raise it a dime.

Chorus: Love To lose….Take me to the bank, throw me in the river Love to lose…Holding on to One of a kind Love to lose…Going all in and Try to pull the trigger And the bigger the pot, the quicker I got, To shoot for the top but right here right now I love to lose.

Bridge: When you lose… You gotta pay more than good intentions WHen you lose… You gotta take what the bad hands out When you lose…well its hard with the mounting tension But you cant give in, you cant give up you can’t get out till you’ve had enough

Verse: the eyes they fix, on the tells and tricks, Tapping on the glass with my fingertips
counting on the last card, playing with a fast heart
someones lifes gonna change real quick
And the card it comes, it flips and falls, for a second the mechanism trips and pauses
I look around, i take a minute, make em think…is he still in it I fight to hide the smile on my face in go my chips down goes the ace.


THanks for listening!


Week #8 Rope Swing Kinda Day

There are days in your life when taking risks, pushing yourself to new heights, reaching for something within just makes sense. Rope Swing Kinda Day was inspired by those very moments. And although in some cases when we roll the dice, take the leap of faith…we crash down into the sand, or the rock…it is those moments where character, experience, and self exploration truly take place.

Although I have placed these clips together in the montage that you see before you…I cannot take credit for some of the amazing cinematography from some truly gifted videographers.

Week #7 The Night Is Young


I spent this last weekend in a little town about 8 hours from Rockland Ontario. “New York”. I travelled down there to meet industry icon/legend Seymour Stein (vice president of Warner Records). Sitting in his office with him was an eye opening experience and about as high as you can go in the music industry. For those of you who have no idea who this guy is…Well…he discovered Madonna…signed the Ramones…The Talking Heads…and many more…but wait…this is not what this song is about.

The night before me and Rach spent our night walking the streets of New York with our great friends Regan and Louise Martin. And as I stared at the lights, the yellow cabs, the buildings that stretched up into the sky…I had a thought about the night never ending. Letting go of inhibitions as we walked through times square…staying and acting young. A fitting title for a song if I do say so myself.

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all the best


Week #6 All I Want is Real

I went to the Juno’s this last weekend in Ottawa, Canada. There were many amazing people that I met, and a great deal of them seemed to be working awfully hard at being something they weren’t. This song is inspired by the mistruths around us. The polite words that are covered in deception at others expense. The little white lies, and cheats that everyone seems to dabble in from now and then. There is a movie called the invention of lying that paints an interesting picture of a society incapable of dishonesty. This uniquely human trait has caused every misunderstanding on the planet today, from the basics of parents and children, to lovers, to employers and employees, to world leaders.

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