Week # 5 Parade

As I sat down this week to write song #5 in my 52 week challenge…i dove into internet research and the life of a firefighter. The challenges they face. I was captivated by the thought that at any moment, no matter where they were, a birthday, a wedding, fast asleep in the middle of the night, a christmas dinner where they were called away to risk everything they have for someone else. This is a trait that not only impresses me, but inspires me to no end. The courage it takes to run into a burning building to find someone who may already be gone.
A firefighters life and health is not an easy one. My research, while only scratching the surface led me to some pretty interesting statistics.

I applaud those who answer the call. Who charge into the cold night with adrenaline pumping through their blood…unsure of what waits around the corner. The risks they take for those in need is above and beyond what the average day is for the rest of us.

Thank You for giving so much. For charging in while others are running away. For staying calm and fighting through toxic smoke to pull innocence from the clutches of the fires grasp. Thank you for being there.

Honor a firefighter today!


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North Easton is not a household name. He hasn't won countless awards or invented a better lightbulb. He hasn't discovered a cure for a rare disease or raised millions of dollars for charity. North Easton is a songwriter, a storyteller, an artist who believes that passion and love for what you do is the most important gift anyone can give themselves. View all posts by sevendaysongs

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