Week # 3 Face In the Clouds

I recently was exposed to some photographs of beautiful places. Playgrounds, rivers, mountainsides…each one of them captivating by themselves. As I browsed through these photo’s and read where they came from…I truly was taken aback. The images were of places where victims bodies were found. Terrible tragedies. I was in awe and shock at the same time…and in these moments, I am often compelled to write about it.

Would love any comments, please share…or just sit back and listen and get lost in the moments.




About sevendaysongs

North Easton is not a household name. He hasn't won countless awards or invented a better lightbulb. He hasn't discovered a cure for a rare disease or raised millions of dollars for charity. North Easton is a songwriter, a storyteller, an artist who believes that passion and love for what you do is the most important gift anyone can give themselves. View all posts by sevendaysongs

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